The Beginning, Again

Today I am starting a new blog. I want to write something useful for other teachers. I want to reflect on share my own teaching experiences in the hopes it will help me be a better teacher, and maybe help others as well. So, I am beginning, again. I think I will start by saying I teach third grade. I teach a class of gifted learners. I teach in an urban school district at a low socioeconomic school. I love my job. I truly love teaching, but really it’s more than teaching. I love spending my day around children. I love listening to their inquiries and having their brains challenge my own. Yes, I guess it should be the other way around, but I feel that it is the ways in which they challenge me intellectually that keeps me coming back for more. I only hope I provide for them the same intellectual satisfaction.

I hope to blog about teaching gifted learners, about utilizing educational technology, and about having a focus on project-based learning. Enjoy! And, please, do come back for more!


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